What you need to know about the route

Here is the unoffical track for Veneto Trail 2019: approximately 420 km with 10.000 m d+.

Initially the 2019 track included different areas, especially in the Central Dolomites. The extreme weather events that took place in the last October, however, forced us to overturn the path in order to ensure its practicability without the risk of having to make large changes next to the event date.

The result is a shorter track with the same altitude gain.

As always, the Veneto Trail is designed for mountain bikes and covers paths and single tracks, dirt roads and secondary paved roads throughout the Veneto region. The route will be mainly unpaved, the asphalt will only be used in some short sections where there are no other ridable solutions.

The Veneto Trail is now at its V edition, the departure is scheduled for the 22nd of June, at 08:00 am. in “Piazza Pierobon” in Cittadella (PD), Italy.

Here are some photos from the 2019 Track (in progress):

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